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Afraid To Do the HCG Diet

Posted by 5/11/2018 0 Comment(s) HCG,Weight Loss

I was so afraid to do the HCG Diet because in my mind nothing can replace the advice of a doctor. I have read on the internet before about a certain HCG user who has had a heart attack and I was so afraid about the scary thing I’ve read on the internet.

I am 42 and I need to lose around 60 pounds not because I wanted to be sexy but because of my health condition. I am not diabetic but I am in the borderline of being one. My diastolic bp is around 90 sometimes. I have tried every possible diet on earth there is and this one is my last hope. The reason I kept on gaining weight is due to my stage III PCOS. My condition prevented me from losing weight no matter what I do. To be honest, I went on doing the Weight watchers, visited the gym almost every day of the week but I only lost 6 pounds! I was on the point of giving up until I found HCG Diet. HCG Diet was my last hope but I was too afraid of this diet.

After a lot of reading and research, I’ve learned that the HCG Diet has been used for decades by thousands of people. It has been proven to be safe for people with some medical conditions and that includes my condition, PCOS. I have also read that there were lots of women with the same condition as mine who become successful with HCG Diet.

So, I did the diet. I can tell you that HCG diet is the only thing that worked for me after all else failed. I lost 53 pounds after doing 3 shorter rounds of HCG Diet using the HCG injection. Round 1, I went down 15 pounds. The next round was another 19 and another 19 pounds. I found myself wearing a smaller size of clothes and I am desperately hoping to wear normal clothes again. When I first started doing the HCG diet I was weighing a very heavy 215.5 pounds but now I weight 162.5 pounds.

My advice to everyone, don’t be afraid to do the HCG Diet. It is SAFE and very effective.  If it has worked for me, it will definitely work for you. HCG diet is not dangerous. How could anything be dangerous when you eat real foods? I would definitely recommend this diet to anyone who wanted to lose weight.