Add Flavor to Your HCG diet With Stevia

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You can add a few flavors to your drinks and foods during the HCG diet with Stevia. Stevia is the only acceptable sweetener on the HCG diet, but what is Stevia? What makes it the only acceptable sweetener on the HCG diet?


What is Stevia?


Stevia rebaudiana is a South American plant. It is native to the country of Paraguay and for centuries, people had been using it to sweeten their beverages and for making tea. Stevia was also used by the natives to sweeten their medicines and foods. In fact, because of its sweetness property, the stevia plant was traditionally used more than 200 years ago.

Stevia sweetener is made from a crude preparation of dried stevia leaves. However, when we say stevia, we refer to the entire plant. In the process of making the sweetener, only some component of the stevia leaves is used- steviol glycosides. Steviol glycosides are the chemical compound responsible for the sweet taste of stevia leaves. It has no energy value, no-calorie. This means foods and beverages that make use of stevia are usually lower in calories.

Stevia is 200 to 300 times sweeter than common sugar. So, you only need a small amount on your drinks or foods to give a sweet taste. Additionally, the sweet taste of stevia is naturally occurring. This makes it ideal for people who prefer foods and drinks seen as more natural.

What are the benefits of Stevia?

What makes Stevia the only acceptable sweetener on the HCG Diet?

  1. Stevia has no calories: The sweet compound of stevia has no energy value, thus making it the only acceptable sweetener on the HCG Diet. The calorie on the dried stevia leaves all breaks down under the influence of colonic bacteria to release the steviol. Foods and beverages that use stevia have lower calories. It does not contribute carbohydrates or calories to the diet.
  2. Stevia does not raise blood sugar: This makes it an excellent choice for reducing sugar in beverages and foods. It does not affect the insulin or glucose response, making it safe and appropriate for use by people and dieters with diabetes.
  3. Stevia is also of natural origin: The steviol substance in stevia leaves is extracted similarly to how sugar from sugar canes and beets is extracted, making it safe for use. The sweet taste of stevia occurs naturally and does not undergo chemical processes.

Using Stevia on the HCG diet

It is an undeniable fact that when you start the HCG Diet, you will typically suffer withdrawals from carbs, sweet treats, and sugary drinks. It’s the only acceptable sweetener on the HCG diet protocol. Stevia will help ease your cravings without slowing down your weight loss. It tastes good and can satisfy your sweet tooth cravings while letting you stick to the protocol without cheating. Use it to sweeten your coffee or tea while on the HCG diet. Sprinkle it on top of your fruit smoothies, use it with a splash of lemon water to make lemonade. You can even use it on your salad.