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3 Days Transition before Phase 3

Posted by hcg24.com 18/03/2020 0 Comment(s) HCG,Weight Loss

You survived the second phase of the protocol and you are about to enter the heavenly phase 3. You’ll about to taste real foods- I mean you can at last add oil to your healthy meals and more carbs too. So, congratulations! You deserve a treat- why not go shopping for a smaller size dress or better pamper yourself to a spa.

The transition period

Before you can finally proceed to the heavenly phase you need to pass first through the transition period from Phase 2 to Phase 3. This transition period takes 72 hours or 3 days between phase 2 and phase 3. You stop having your HCG shot but you continue following the 500 calorie diet for 3 days.

Is the transition period necessary?

The transition period is every bit as important as the loading and weight loss phase. This phase will allow your body to get rid of every trace of the hormone before you can finally introduce a large portion of foods back into your diet. From the book “Pounds and Inches”, It takes 3 days (72 hours) for the HCG hormone to completely cycle through your system. You must continue to eat 500 calories x 72 hours after your last HCG injection.

When you transition, you continue eating 500 calories a day without having your shot. You are not allowed to introduce large calories in your system yet while there are still traces of HCG because this can make you gain weight. As you transition, you get hungrier and hungrier each day as little by little hormone is left circulating in your body. Your first 24 hours will just be like your normal very low calorie diet phase. Your next 24 hours will be the same as you have skipped a shot at the end of every week if you are following the 46-day protocol. Towards the end of the 72 hours, you will not only feel very hungry but you’ll be getting low blood sugar symptoms too. How do you go about it?

How to eat during the transition phase?

You will feel the symptoms of true hunger as the 72 hours unfold. You can start adding 200 calories to 500 more calories towards the tail end of your transition. However, do not increase your calorie intake during the first 48 hours. Eat more of the Phase 2 foods. Proteins and veggies are your best options. However, eat only when you are truly hungry. You are not allowed yet to introduce oils and fats back into your diet. You can start introducing them after you have transitioned already.

How to start with the transition period?

Your transition period begins immediately after your last day of injection and NOT 3 days after your last injection. It’s 3 days from your last HCG injection. Your last injection is included in the transition period.  For example, if your last day of injection is Sunday then you can start Phase 3 on Wednesday. If your last day of injection is Monday then you can start phase 3 on Thursday. If your last day of injection is Friday then you can start phase 3 on Monday. Keep in mind that your last day is INCLUDED in your transition period.

Skipping the transition period

Jumping straight right into phase 3 is not recommended as there are still traces of hormone circulating in your system. If you screw up and decide to skip the transition period, expect the numbers on the scale to go up.

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